Fuses & fuse holders

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Please use this list, to help you select the correct Victron Energy Fuses and Fuse Holder model from the drop-down menu below.

CIP000050001 Fuse holder for MIDI-fuse
CIP000100001 Fuse holder for MEGA-fuse
CIP100200100 Modular fuse holder for MEGA-fuse
CIP100400060 Busbar to connect 5 CIP100200100
CIP100400070 Busbar to connect 6 CIP100200100
CIP106100000 Fuse holder for ANL-fuse
CIP132100010 MIDI-fuse 100A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP132150010 MIDI-fuse 150A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP132200010 MIDI-fuse 200A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP133060000 MIDI-fuse 60A/58V (1 pc) *If 0, order CIP133060010*
CIP133060010 MIDI-fuse 60A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP133100010 MIDI-fuse 100A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP136060010 MEGA-fuse 60A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136080010 MEGA-fuse 80A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136100010 MEGA-fuse 100A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136125010 MEGA-fuse 125A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136150010 MEGA-fuse 150A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136175010 MEGA-fuse 175A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136200010 MEGA-fuse 200A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136225010 MEGA-fuse 225A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136250010 MEGA-fuse 250A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136300010 MEGA-fuse 300A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136400010 MEGA-fuse 400A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP136500010 MEGA-fuse 500A/32V (package of 5 pcs)
CIP137125010 MEGA-fuse 125A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP137200010 MEGA-fuse 200A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP137250010 MEGA-fuse 250A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP137300010 MEGA-fuse 300A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP138125000 Fuse 125A/170Vdc *Available until stock 0 *
CIP140325000 Fuse CNN 325A/80V for Lynx shunt (1 pc)
CIP142400000 ANL-fuse 400A/80V for 48V products (1 pc)
CIP142500000 ANL-fuse 500A/80V for 48V products (1 pc)

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High quality photo ANL-fuse 400A80V for 48V products (1 pc)
Certificate Certificate Safety IEC 60947 – Fuse holders for MIDI & MEGA fuse
Certificate Declaration of Conformity – MEGA-fuse and Fuse holder
Certificate Declaration of Conformity – MIDI-fuse and Fuse holder
High quality photo Fuse holder for ANL-fuse (front)
High quality photo Fuse holder for ANL-fuse (right)
High quality photo Fuse holder for MEGA-fuse (right)
Certificate ISO9001 certificate
High quality photo MEGA fuse holder
High quality photo MEGA fuse holder and MIDI fuse holder
High quality photo MEGA-fuse 300A58V for 48V products (1 pc)
High quality photo MEGA-fuse 300A58V for 48V products_2
High quality photo MIDI fuse holder
Datasheet Midi, Mega and ANL-fuses, and fuse holders
Datasheet Modular MEGA fuse holder and high current busbar

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