Solar Setup for your UTE or 4WD

Log Energy Pty Ltd are Australia wide Victron Energy Distributor/Dealers. We supply the entire range of Victron Energy products to the mainland of Australia and Tasmania.


The photo above shows a Victron Energy Inverter, Charge Controller, Victron Super Cycle Battery and Battery Monitor installed in a UTE Tool Box (Solar Panels are installed on the roof)

This is a complete, very reliable and robust Mobile Micro Off Grid Solar Power System with monitoring using Bluetooth, your Smart Phone/Tabet and the Victron Connect App.

  • It charges the batteries for battery powered tools (useful when working at a site with no power)
  • The dirty noisy generator does not need to run, just to power the lighter loads.
  • It keeps the fridge running 24/7 if required
  • It keeps the lights on
  • It keeps the laptop/mobile phones and tablets charged.
  • This setup is useful for work and/or for camping.

All of the Victron Energy equipment required can be found at our Online Shop