On Grid Solar

Even houses with breathtakingly magnificent views can benifit from Solar.

Larger homes have large spaces to cool and heat, as well as large Hot Water Cylinders, and often large pool pumps, Spa Baths or even Saunas. This all adds up, resulting in large quantities of electrical energy to be imported from the grid at great cost.

To help keep energy costs down, for the owner of this home, we have installed a large solar array (almost 20 kW) of LG Solar Panels and a 15 kVA Fronius Symo Inverter with a Fronius Smart Meter for monitoring of solar production, energy consumption, energy imported and energy exported.

We have installed many of these larger residential grid connected solar  systems. We have found that the simple return on investment, for Grid Connected Solar Power, such as this one, can exceed 20 percent. This can be a good investment, Fronius Inverters have a ten year warranty and the new LG Solar Panels come with a 25 year warranty