Off Grid Solar

We enjoy designing and installing Off Grid Solar for our customers.

Your Off Grid Solar System, designed and installed by Log Energy Pty Ltd can allow you to build wherever you want, on your block of land and not be concerned about the viability and cost of connecting to the grid.

Building close to the road or Grid is not always the best option, many of us have larger blocks, so that we can enjoy some privacy, away from noise , in an area with a view. This can be difficult to achieve, if you need to run power lines from the grid.

Off Grid living has recently become affordable to many of us. Solar Rebates, which are slowly being phased out, help considerably, especially in Queensland. The rebates go a long way towards the cost of the Solar Panels. We are CEC accredited designers and installers so we can claim rebates on your behalf. New appliances have also become very energy efficient and affordable, making Off Grid living even easier.

It is also very satisfying to know that you are using fresh renewable energy, that is produced onsite, by your very own renewable power generation system, every day.

We install, small, medium, large and very large reliable Off Grid Solar Systems anywhere along the eastern Queensland coast, in the areas surrounding Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Bundaberg, Baffle Creek, Agnes Water, town of 1770 and Gladstone.

If you need a reliable Off Grid Solar Energy System for a cabin, house, shed, farm, business, or any other application, we can help, all we need is some sun, the more the better.

We install  Victron Energy Inverter/Chargers, Solar Charge Controllers and Energy Monitoring Systems, this ensures that your Off Grid Solar System is efficient, smart without being complicated, reliable, can easily be managed, and will provide you with enough renewable energy for a long time.