The BYD B-Box Battery Storage, also called B-Box LV Residential, is a Lithium Iron Battery Module or modules in a weather proof cabinet. Each 2.56 kWh Battery Module is called a B-Plus 2.5 (2.56 kWh). This BYD B-Box can be used for on-grid and off-grid energy storage. The design is modular and the BYD B-Box Battery bank capacity can be expanded from 2.5 kWh, in increments of 2.5 kWh, up to 80 kWh. Each IP55 cabinet, can accomodate 4 Battery Modules, providing 10 kWh per cabinet. Eight cabinets can be connected in parallel to provide a maximum total of 80 kWh. The BYD IP 55 battery cabinet can be installed indoors or outdoors. Major benefits of using the BYD B-Box for your energy storage needs are, high power output, safe battery chemistry, scalability, can expand the system by adding BYD Battery Modules, high cycle life and 10 year warranty, manufactured by the largest manufacturer of rechargeable Lithium Iron Batteries in the world. Log Energy Pty Ltd recommends using our Victron Energy Inverter Chargers, Victron Solar Charge Controllers and Victron Venus GX System Monitoring with your BYD B-Box Res Energy Storage System.
BYD Lithium Batteries are compatible with the
48V Victron Multiplus, MultiPlus-II and Quattro Inverter Chargers.
as well as the 48V Victron BlueSolar MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.
and the Victron Venus GX

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