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The Venus GX provides intuitive control and monitoring. It has the same functionality as the Color Control GX, with a few extras:

– lower cost, mainly because it has no display or buttons
– 3 tank sender inputs
– 2 temperature inputs


Manual AC-coupled PV with Fronius PV Inverters
Whitepaper Automatic genset start/stop
Whitepaper Building an unattended battery based energy system
Manual CCGX Frequently asked questions
Manual CCGX Modbus-TCP Frequently asked questions
Certificate Certificate ECE R10-4 – Venus GX
Whitepaper Data communication with Victron Energy products
Certificate Declaration of Conformity – Remote Panels and accessories
Enclosure dimension Dimension Drawing Venus GX
Manual ESS (Energy Storage System) Manual
Movie How to connect to the Venus GX
Movie Introduction to the Venus GX
Certificate ISO9001 certificate
Manual Manual Venus GX
Whitepaper Modbus-TCP register list
Whitepaper NMEA 2000 & MFD integration guide
Whitepaper Open source
Manual Remote VEConfigure
Manual Troubleshooting CCGX to VRM Portal connectivity
Manual Updating firmware
Datasheet Venus GX
Enclosure dimension Venus GX enclosure 3D
Enclosure dimension Venus GX enclosure STEP
High quality photo Venus GX top
High quality photo Venus GX top with connectors
Enclosure dimension Venus GX_enclosure_Bottom part BBB v3.4.step
Enclosure dimension Venus GX_enclosure_Upper lid v3.2.step
High quality photo Venux GX front angle
High quality photo Venux GX left angle
High quality photo Venux GX right angle
Manual VRM Portal documentation

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