Lynx Ion + Shunt 350/600

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The Lynx Ion is the Battery Management System (BMS) that controls the 24V/180Ah Lithium Ion batteries. It contains the 350A safety contactor, and controls the cell-balancing, charging and discharging of the system. The Lynx Ion will protect the battery pack from both overcharging and depletion.

Datasheet 24V 180Ah/100Ah Lithium-ion battery and Lynx Ion + Shunt
Whitepaper Data communication with Victron Energy products
Certificate ISO9001 certificate
High quality photo Lynx Ion + Shunt
Enclosure dimension Lynx Ion + Shunt 350
Enclosure dimension Lynx ion + Shunt 350 & 600 (3D)
Enclosure dimension Lynx Ion + Shunt 600
Manual Lynx Ion + Shunt and 24V 180Ah Lithium Batteries
Enclosure dimension Lynx Ion 350
Whitepaper Modbus-TCP register list
Whitepaper NMEA 2000 & MFD integration guide
Press release Oceanvolt teams up with Victron Energy
Manual Quick user guide: Lynx Ion + Shunt and 24V 180Ah Lithium Batteries
System schematic Victron Lithium-Ion LFP – Multi
System schematic Victron-Lynx-Ion-Shunt-1-Multi-Victron Lynx Ion + Shunt with 1 Multi
System schematic Victron-Lynx-Ion-Shunt-2-Multi-Victron Lynx Ion + Shunt with 2 or more Multi’s

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